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Driven by necessity, Mozilla to enable HTML5 DRM in Firefox

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Mozilla announced today that it will follow the lead of Microsoft, Google, and Apple and implement support for the contentious HTML5 digital rights management specification called Encrypted Media Extensions (EME).

Source : ArsTechnica

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Nintendo nukes hugely popular IOS Game Boy emulator

After months of trouble free operations the inevitable has finally caught up with the teenage developer of a hugely popular iOS Game Boy emulator. With no jailbreak needed and millions of downloads, GBA4iOS was riding a wave of popularity, but copyright action by Nintendo of America has now taken the project offline.

Source : TorrentFreak

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Humble Bundle offering daily bundles for the next two weeks

For the next two weeks, Humble Bundle will offer new game bundles daily featuring previously-offered popular bundles with new deals attached, the company announced.

Source : PolygonPcgamer

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Report: NSA sticks backdoor tools in routers

Ready for another juicy NSA spying revelation? All right, here goes. According to the latest report by The Guardian, the National Security Agency implants backdoor tools in routers exported from the United States. The NSA then uses those tools to conduct network surveillance.

Source : Techreport

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Xbox One Price Cut: Microsoft Cuts Kinect – And The Price To 399$

Microsoft has announced a new lower-cost Xbox One bundle — which comes without its Kinect sensor.

Source : Huffington Post

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With Cryptocat, encrypt your private conversations on Facebook

Facebook’s messaging application doesn’t support encryption, but an open-source chat program, Cryptocat, has made it possible to chat with friends there over an encrypted connection.

The program’s founder, Nadim Kobeissi, wrote Monday that the latest 2.2 version of Cryptocat can log a user into Facebook and pull his contact list in order to set up an end-to-end encrypted conversation.

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SimCity’s DRM Disaster

Electronic Art’s release of the latest and highly anticipated Simcity is to go down in history as one of the worst game launches ever. I’m sure like me, many of you have fond memories of the old Simcities, spending hours on your Intel Pentium laptop trying to build your perfect city. The new Simcity however, you will most likely be staring at a load screen losing the will to live. (Reticulating splines anyone?). This even makes Simcity societies look good, which frankly I would have rather paid someone to punch me in the face than play it. DRM is clearly not the way forward and hopefully game developers will learn from this.? 1573 1 star Amazon reviews, which led to Amazon stopping sales for a period and marketing of the game has been stopped completely. If you’ve bought the game, let us know in the comments!

Links: Amazon ReviewsBBC News

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