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HI2U has released the simulation game “Frisky Business” for Windows and for Mac. Enjoy! :)

Description: You are Mr. Falco Frisk, private detective of Frisk Investigative Solutions! Develop your relationships with your team as you take on your very first case. Dive into a sexy and strange adventure of hot babes and killer clowns!

The devil, or in this case the clown, is in the details. Meet interesting and sexy characters, track down leads, and collect clues as you attempt to unravel the mystery of who is behind the creepy clown make-up!

Genre: Simulation
Developer: K Bros Games
Publisher: K Bros Games

Release Name: Frisky.Business-HI2U
Release Name: Frisky.Business.MacOSX-HI2U
Size: 544 MB / 561 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


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:Free 300 GB Downloads! http://soo2uy.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/free-download.php Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:47:56 +0000 RLSLOG http://www.wpzal.cn/free-download.php Free 300 GB Downloads! Movies, games, music for free! Usenet is an independent network of over 10,000 servers worldwide. For over 30 years, Usenet has been the most popular place for the exchange of information and files. Download more than 300 GB for free NOW!

Usenet.nl offers a completely FREE 300 GB trial, to try their service.

:Turner-HI2U + MacOSX-HI2U http://16l85w.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/turner-hi2u-macosx-hi2u/ http://www.wpzal.cn/turner-hi2u-macosx-hi2u/#comments Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:47:56 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=347547 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

HI2U has released the adventure game “Turner” for Windows and for Mac. Enjoy! :)

Description: Turner is a 2D platformer puzzle game set in an insane asylum where you take the role of Turner, a man with a troubled past and an unstable state of mind. Complete over 500 levels by rotating the world around you. Solve a variety of puzzles, traverse through challenging levels, collect mysterious notes scattered throughout the asylum, and avoid dangerous obstacles, all while trying to solve the mystery of why you’re there.


  • Rotate the world at your will to make your way through the asylum.
  • Learn new abilities, such as jumping off of walls or sliding under narrow passageways.
  • 200+ original levels, 200+ challenge levels.
  • 50 bonus levels, 50 challenge bonus levels.
  • 500+ levels in total.
  • Uncover the mystery that shrouds your past.
  • “Comic book style” cutscenes.

Genre:?Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Bean Boy Games
Publisher:?Bean Boy Games

Release Name:?Turner-HI2U
Release Name: Turner.MacOSX-HI2U
Size: 500 MB / 504 MB
Links:?STEAM?|?NFO?| NTi


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:Endless Legend Tempest-HI2U + MacOSX /115/678/http://www.wpzal.cn/endless-legend-tempest-hi2u-macosx/ http://www.wpzal.cn/endless-legend-tempest-hi2u-macosx/#comments Fri, 14 Oct 2016 23:08:10 +0000 Silva http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=321137 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

HI2U has released the game “Endless Legend Tempest” for Windows . Enjoy

While much is known of the surface of Auriga, its oceans still guard many mysteries. Weathered fortresses, certainly creations of another age, still house a secretive people called the Fomorians who serve some ancient purpose. But while the nations of Auriga learn to meet, trade, and war on the seas, another force rises from beneath them. They are — or is? – the Morgawr, a twisted and possessed people that seem to be symbiotic creations of sea life and other, unimaginable species. It will be necessary to confront them, defy them, and understand the new powers they harness. Or, equally likely, succumb to their strength.

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: AMPLITUDE Studios
Genre: Strategy

Release name: Endless.Legend.Tempest-HI2U/Endless.Legend.Tempest.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size 4.23GB/3.49GB
Links: SteamNFONTi


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:Darkest Dungeon MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://91m5fq.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/darkest-dungeon-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/darkest-dungeon-macosx-activated/#comments Wed, 20 Jan 2016 11:31:27 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=304293 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

Don’t sleep on this one :)

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring.

Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes through twisted forests, forgotten warrens, ruined crypts, and beyond. You’ll battle not only unimaginable foes, but stress, famine, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark. Uncover strange mysteries, and pit the heroes against an array of fearsome monsters with an innovative strategic turn-based combat system.


  • The Affliction System – battle not only monsters, but stress! Contend with paranoia, masochism, fear, irrationality, and a host of gameplay-meaningful quirks!
  • Striking hand-drawn gothic crowquill art style
  • Innovative turn-based combat pits you against a host of diabolical monsters
  • Ten (and counting!) playable hero classes, including Plague Doctor, Hellion, and even the Leper!
  • Camp to heal wounds or deliver inspiring speeches.
  • Rest your weary, shell-shocked characters in town at the Tavern or the Abbey to keep their stress in check.
  • Classic CRPG and roguelike features, including meaningful permadeath, procedural dungeons, and incredible replay

Publisher: Red Hook Studios
Developer: Red Hook Studios
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access

Release name: Darkest.Dungeon.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 1.54GB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net

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:Grim Fandago Remastered v1.4.0-EZGAME + MAC OSX + LiNUX http://112xxz.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/grim-fandago-remastered-v1-4-0-ezgame-mac-osx-linux/ http://www.wpzal.cn/grim-fandago-remastered-v1-4-0-ezgame-mac-osx-linux/#comments Mon, 04 Jan 2016 20:16:54 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=303423 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

Last up to date build of this awesome game :) Changelog is available here, enjoy.

Something’s rotten in the land of the dead, and you’re being played for a sucker. Meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. He sells luxury packages to souls on their four-year journey to eternal rest. But there’s trouble in paradise. Help Manny untangle himself from a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation.

One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is now back, better than ever. Grim Fandango’s epic story of four years in the life (or death) of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, has been remastered to look, sound, and control even better than when it won GameSpot’s Game of the Year award upon its original launch. Grim Fandango still stands as a classic of the genre, with unforgettable characters and unique combination of film noir and Mexican folklore.


  • Repainted, hi-res character textures
  • New, dynamic lighting
  • Classic score re-recorded with a full live orchestra
  • Over 2 hours of exclusive developer commentary
  • Concept art browser

Publisher: Double Fine Productions
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Genre: Adventure

Release name:
Size: 3.9GB / 4.06GB / 4.13GB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net : WindowsMacOSXLinux

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http://www.wpzal.cn/grim-fandago-remastered-v1-4-0-ezgame-mac-osx-linux/feed/ 10
:Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://pe0697.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/divinity-original-sin-enhanced-edition-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/divinity-original-sin-enhanced-edition-macosx-activated/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2015 12:50:47 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302943 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

Some words from the developer of this amazing rpg :

Our busy little brains and fingers have worked for months and months making Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition. We’ve made thousands of changes to the original game, adding controller support, local co-op splitscreen, full AAA voicing, new quests and situations, new difficulty modes, and an entirely new ending featuring several new regions. We’ve put our hearts and souls into the Enhanced Edition, and we’re proud to release it into the world.

Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in turn-based combat; explore an open world and interact with everything and everyone you see. Join up with a friend to play online in co-op and make your own adventures with the powerful RPG toolkit.

In Divinity:Original Sin you take on the role of a young Source Hunter: your job is to rid the world of those who use the foulest of magics. When you embark on what should have been a routine murder investigation, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a plot that will rattle the very fabric of time.

Divinity: Original Sin is a game that gives you a lot of freedom and plenty of gameplay mechanics to use or abuse. The game’s epic story may drive you toward your ultimate end-goal, but how you get there is entirely up to you.

Or up to you and a friend, because Divinity: Original Sin can be played completely cooperatively, and features both online and local drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. Great adventures become even greater when shared with a trusted comrade-in-arms!


  • Become part of a reactive, living and vast open world. Explore many different environments, fight all kinds of fantastical creatures and discover tons of desirable items.
  • Experience gripping party- and turn-based combat. Manipulate the environment and use skill & spell combos to overcome your many foes: Use magic to make it rain on your enemies, then cast a lightning spell to fry them to a crisp. Experiment with different skill combinations to ruin the day for enemies and townspeople alike.
  • Play with a friend in co-op multiplayer. Make decisions together (or disagree entirely), as your interactions and relationship with your partner influence the game.
  • Unravel a deep and epic story, set in the early days of the Divinity universe. No prior experience with other Divinity games is necessary, however. The game takes place well before its predecessors, Divine Divinity and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, but will still feel familiar to fans.
  • Classless character creation lets you design the character of your choice. Endless item interaction and combinations take exploration and experimentation to another level of freedom.
  • Create your own adventures and share them online. With Original Sin comes the powerful toolset used by the game’s designers. Yours are endless new stories to make and share with other players!

Publisher: Larian Studios
Developer: Larian Studios
Genre: Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Release name: Divinity.Original.Sin.Enhanced.Edition.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 9.27GB
Links: HomepageSteamiGNGamespotGametrailersNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net

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:Republique Remastered Episode 4 MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://g9ob90.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/republique-remastered-episode-4-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/republique-remastered-episode-4-macosx-activated/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2015 11:20:01 +0000 Silva http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302941 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

ACTiVATED has released the Episode 4 of the Game : “Republique Remastered” for MacOSX

Description:?You receive a call from Hope, a woman trapped inside a mysterious totalitarian state. Hacking into an elaborate surveillance network, you guide Hope through a web of danger and deception across five thrilling episodes.

Developed over five years by industry veterans (Metal Gear Solid 4, Halo 4, F.E.A.R., Black & White 2, SOCOM) and fully realized in Unity 5, Republique is a thrilling and topical stealth-action game that explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age.

Game Features?:

  • Remastered in Unity 5 for PC & Mac
  • All five episodes included with purchase
  • Episodes 1-4 available now, Episode 5?coming early 2016
  • “One Touch” stealth action reimagined for PC & Mac
  • Immersive puzzles and strategic choices
  • Innovative, interactive developer commentary – eavesdrop on conversations recorded during the making of the game
  • Fully translated in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese

Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc.
Developer: Camouflaj
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Release name: Republique.Remastered.Episode.4.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 3.2GB

Download:?Uploaded (?Part1?|?Part2?|?Part3?|?Part4?)

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:Sinless MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://1c1z52.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/sinless-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/sinless-macosx-activated/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2015 09:01:03 +0000 Silva http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302923 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

ACTiVATED has released the game “MacOSX” for Windows . Enjoy

Description:?Sinless is a unique combination of a classic point n’ click and visual novel with many references and inspirations from classics of the genre, such as Snatcher, or Rise of the Dragon. Add to that custom, inhouse designed lightning and parallax effects, along with a dedicated awesome Soundtrack and original storyline, we hope you will enjoy your stay!

Planned out as a trilogy, experience the first episode also known as the Reveal, which will be followed by Revolution and Revelations accordingly.

Welcome to the Omni-Care sanctioned city. The world as we know it has come to an end and a New Order has taken over. Life is seemingly perfect, in an almost utopian society humans have to officialy schedule their whole days in advance via “ports” – mandatory cybernetic implants. Large commercial entities who also happen to be port manufacturers have replaced governments and crime is practically non existent. You are the hero of this exciting cyberpunk tale, about to start a regular day, only for it to unfold in the most unexpected manner revealing the true nature of the multi-layered city.


  • A unique, carefully planned out story and lore: It is important to remember that you are thrown into a world of specific rules, laws, customs, lingo, social segregation etc which you will learn and unravel in time along the way.
  • Old school gameplay: meaning little to no handholding. We wanted to give the player the choice of freedom and to discover and unravel the story at their own pace, hence Sinless offers little to no handholding. Therefore many features or lore related backstories/explanations are not thrown in your face. Instead they are somewhere in the world, waiting to be discovered; be it a feature, easter-egg/game reference, or world news event etc. But fear not, optional hints highlighting interactive points will be available from the get-go.
  • Hand crafted with love: Thousands of frames of hand crafted animations, graphics,textures and other assets. We put a lot of effort and attention to the lore and story as well as the general vibe- that the graphics and soundtrack complement themselves to create the desired tone.
  • A fitting and engaging dynamic Original Soundtrack by Roland Redwood, designed and tailored specifically for the game.
  • Custom inhouse designed visual features: Taking the extra horsepower of computers to good use, the Steam edition of Sinless underwent a serious overhaul. For aesthetic reasons the game was originally designed in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Now, after countless hours of work, all assets have been reworked for a new 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratio, with even more cool, custom inhouse designed lighting and post effects. We intensified the particle and weather effects as well, as well as reworked other assets to higher resolutions.
  • Game Over: when we said “old school” experience we were dead serious. You will die…alot. Well, maybe not that much as in the Souls series, but unless you are a point n’ click pro, an unexpected end to your journey will be commonplace. Heck, we even took it a level further where discovering all possible endgames is a feature and accomplishment within itself. Luckily there’s a checkpoint system which will take you back to the last safe point. And fear not, we left it at that (so no trolling in the vein of which some old school classics are notorious for ie AITD where you could break a mandatory quest item at the very begining of the game)… but we never can be sure of what the future may bring…
  • Easter egss & references. Yup, we got that covered. Sinless is a love letter to classic games,systems and news, both old and new. Rise of the Dragon, Dredd (2013), Deus Ex, Dark Souls, Sleeping Dogs…. the list goes on and on. Will you find them all?
  • Stay safe Citizen. And don’t forget to install your scheduled Progs!

Publisher: Forever Entertainment S. A.
Developer: MGP Studios
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG

Release name: Sinless.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 1.57 GB

Download:?Uploaded (?Part1?|?Part2?)

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:Wild Season Episode 1 MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://i6e31m.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/wild-season-episode-1-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/wild-season-episode-1-macosx-activated/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2015 08:56:12 +0000 Silva http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302922 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

HI2U has released the Episode 1 of game “Wild Season” for MacOSX . Enjoy

After weeks of being down on your luck in the big city, you’ve found your calling: farming! A real estate agency is selling a beautiful farm property down south, and amazingly, you have just enough in your savings to buy it outright! Risking it all, you decide to leave the city tonight in hopes of starting your farming dreams tomorrow!

Except you almost immediately get caught in a bad storm, total your car, and are now stuck in a foreign town with some of the strangest people you’ve ever met. Even worse, the before-thought beautiful farm is in severe disrepair and, according to the townsfolk, was never for sale in the first place! You now find yourself in a seemingly hostile town where one mystery seems to just stack on another…

Only one thing’s for sure: the town is hiding something.

Publisher: Quickfire Games, SOEDESCO
Developer: Quickfire Games
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation

Release name: Wild.Season.Episode.1.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size?: 239 MB


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:Leviathan The Last Day of the Decade Episode 5 MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://1r845c.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/leviathan-the-last-day-of-the-decade-episode-5-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/leviathan-the-last-day-of-the-decade-episode-5-macosx-activated/#comments Wed, 23 Dec 2015 17:59:35 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302860 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

And now the OSX release, enjoy.

“Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade” is a detective story told by a dweller of a cruel dark fantasy world affected by the pandemic. The world ruled by a five noble-born kins under the suzerainty of the undead Plague King.

A young man spends years to find a clue to bring justice for his mother’s murderer. But what if the criminal is protected by the mighty family? And what if he is a man you really love?


  • The world of aristocracy full of money and power.
  • Romantic relationship.
  • Daemons from the depths of outer worlds!
  • Mysterious murder and secrets of the past!
  • City streets, full of adventures.
  • Stunning animated 2D graphics.

Publisher: Lostwood
Developer: Lostwood
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release Name: Leviathan.The.Last.Day.of.the.Decade.Episode.5.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 503MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net

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http://www.wpzal.cn/leviathan-the-last-day-of-the-decade-episode-5-macosx-activated/feed/ 4
:Ghost Control Inc-DEFA + MAC OSX + LiNUX http://312p9w.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/ghost-control-inc-defa-mac-osx-linux/ http://www.wpzal.cn/ghost-control-inc-defa-mac-osx-linux/#comments Mon, 21 Dec 2015 09:53:19 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302682 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

Enjoy :)

UPDATE : DEFA released a nfofix in order to extand the trail period of the game, Ghost.Control.Inc.NFOFIX-DEFA HERE

Manage a team of ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Develop your own strategy and build your business well.

Let’s be honest – a ghost in your house can be a real pest. For centuries we have accepted hauntings as unexplained phenomena which we can do little to stop. Side affects of living in a haunted home can include sleepless nights, headaches, smog everywhere and in some cases even physical damage in the house.

Enough is enough, with your help we intend to put an end to these paranormal pests. Build, manage and develop your own team of talented ghost hunters.

With the income from your team’s work you can equip them with some amazing gadgets, but manage your budget with care not everything is as useful as it may appear. Hunt your customers ghosts down – property damage should be kept to a minimum. Take on the ghosts, follow the map, take in the lovely sites and stunning landmarks.


  • True, challenging turn-based strategy gameplay
  • Loads of ghost hunting with various equipment
  • Team management and strategic investment decisions
  • A London city map with famous landmarks
  • Tons of humour in text messages and game action
  • Original game music soundtrack

Publisher: bumblebee.
Developer: Keen Software House
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Casual

Release name:
Size: 311MB / 303MB / 263MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net : WindowsMacOSXLinux

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http://www.wpzal.cn/ghost-control-inc-defa-mac-osx-linux/feed/ 3
:Neo Geo 25th Anniversary Edition-Unleashed http://52o4z3.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/neo-geo-25th-anniversary-edition-unleashed/ http://www.wpzal.cn/neo-geo-25th-anniversary-edition-unleashed/#comments Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:18:32 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=302574 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

It’s been 25 years since SNK’s Neo Geo arcade board and home console were released. Humble Bundle are marking the occasion with the Humble Neo Geo 25th Anniversary Bundle wich contain 23 classic Neo Geo games, hope you’ll like this post :)

More informations here :)

Publisher: NEOGEO
Developer: NEOGEO
Genre: Action

Release name:
Links: HomepageHumbleBundle

Download : UPLOADED.net (folder)

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http://www.wpzal.cn/neo-geo-25th-anniversary-edition-unleashed/feed/ 9
:Crossbow Warrior The Legend of William Tell MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://5g10d9.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/crossbow-warrior-the-legend-of-william-tell-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/crossbow-warrior-the-legend-of-william-tell-macosx-activated/#comments Thu, 10 Dec 2015 14:52:02 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=301975 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

And now the OSX version :)

He’s one of the greatest true-life heroes and he’s at your command in this unique platformer game!
Discover his story and carry the honor of a nation into battle against William Tell’s archenemy Hermann Gessler and his hordes of foot soldiers, the Reeves. The safety of your son depends upon it!
Jump and run through the Swiss alps and city’s, discover the mountains or control your boat to safety through dangerous rivers.

But be warned it’s not at all easy to beat the jump challenges and get your revenge on Gessler.
Make sure he picked the wrong respectable mountain farmer to mess with!


  • Classic platformer action and jump challenges
  • 29 exciting levels
  • Full controller support
  • Dazzling graphics & Inspiring music!
  • Different game types beside the Sidescroller!
  • Experience the whole story behind the legend of William Tell!

Publisher: Scherrer Medien GmbH
Developer: MobyDick Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Release name: Crossbow.Warrior.The.Legend.of.William.Tell.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 1.48GB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net

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http://www.wpzal.cn/crossbow-warrior-the-legend-of-william-tell-macosx-activated/feed/ 1
:TowerFall Ascension v1.0-EZGAME + MAC OSX + LiNUX http://9dkq10.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/towerfall-ascension-v1-0-ezgame-mac-osx-linux/ http://www.wpzal.cn/towerfall-ascension-v1-0-ezgame-mac-osx-linux/#comments Thu, 10 Dec 2015 13:31:55 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=301973 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

I really like this game, had so much fun with friends on my ps4. Today scene group EZGAME released the v1.0 build of this fantastic game. Too late when you know the last up to date build is v1.3.2 :/ Thanks anyway for the OSX/LiNUX release :)

TowerFall Ascension is the definitive version of the hit archery combat game. Inspired by classics from the golden age of couch multiplayer, it’s a 4-player local party game centering around hilarious, intense versus matches. The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but hard to master and combat is fierce. Loot treasure chests for game-changing power-ups, master the art of catching arrows out of the air, or descend on your foes and stomp them into submission. TowerFall is best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.

New in Ascension is the 1- or 2-player co-op Quest mode. Players work together, fighting off a variety of monsters and enemy archers across the land of TowerFall. It’s a new adventure to explore when you don’t have more friends handy to square off against.


  • Brand new 1- or 2-player co-op Quest mode
  • 50 additional Versus arenas, for a total of 120 unique maps
  • More game-changing power-ups, such as Drill Arrows that burrow through walls
  • 4 new unlockable, playable archers, for a total of 8
  • A huge list of variants to customize your matches – a total of 67 ways to mix things up
  • Plenty of hidden secrets and surprises to discover with your friends

Publisher: Matt Makes Games Inc.
Developer: Matt Thorson
Genre: Action, Indie

Release name:
Size: 235MB / 248MB / 250MB
Links: HomepageSteam NTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net : WindowsMacOSXLinux

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:Mind Snares Alices Journey MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://www.655.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/mind-snares-alices-journey-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/mind-snares-alices-journey-macosx-activated/#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2015 18:40:16 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=301740 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

ACTiVATED has released the MacOSX version of the game “Mind Snares Alice’s Journey”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Alice Dahl has found herself stuck in an occupation that makes her very unhappy. She knows that her only shot at happiness is to leave her job behind, but past fears are holding her back. After rushing to meet a client, Alice’s car careens into a river. She wakes to find herself in what looks like a hospital, but turns out to be a strange shadow world. Her only means of escape is to overcome her fears in Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey.


  • Solve mini-games generated by Alice’s subconscious
  • Help Alice overcome her fears
  • Explore a strange shadow world

Release Name: Mind.Snares.Alices.Journey.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 489,65 MB

Download: UPLOADED

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http://www.wpzal.cn/mind-snares-alices-journey-macosx-activated/feed/ 2
:Space Colony HD v2.0.0.5 Multilingual GOG Retail-CORE http://fg2j53.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/space-colony-hd-v2-0-0-5-multilingual-gog-retail-core/ http://www.wpzal.cn/space-colony-hd-v2-0-0-5-multilingual-gog-retail-core/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 09:44:11 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=300864 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

CORE has released the updated verion of “Space Colony HD”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Half way across the galaxy with limited resources, a mega corporation looking over your shoulder and a ragtag crew expecting a pay cheque, it’s up to you to survive and turn a profit. You have a base to build and hostile alien threats to neutralise, but ignore your crew and the colony is doomed. Each colonist has a mind of their own, so keeping them safe, happy and alive is no easy feat. Nurture your crew and they’ll team up to protect your intergalactic empire, forget to pay them and you’d better post a guard at the reactor!
As a commander of military and commercial installations on Earth, Blackwater Industries wants to see how you handle the rest of the galaxy. In Space Colony your career is in the hands of an unruly crew, all looking to escape life back on Earth. Choosing from more than 100 different buildings, it’s up to you to design and build a colony that meets their needs. Before you shell out your credits on iron extraction and lucrative space chicken production remember that without laser defences, a sauna and a half-decent restaurant nobody is going to want to work for you.
Steam Edition
Created exclusively for Steam, this remastered version of Space Colony features a new bonus campaign, Steam Workshop support, achievements, trading cards and Steam Cloud for saved games. Space Colony: Steam Edition is the definitive version of the sci-fi base builder for fans of the original, the builder genre and the Stronghold series, with which it shares DNA in both gameplay and an irreverent sense of humour.
Also supported are settings for HD graphics unavailable in the original version, allowing players to view their entire base on a single screen! Detect alien life forms early and counter-attack before they get near your crew, keep an eye on all workers at once or harvest resources off-base while making sure everyone visits the colony psychologist.


  • Remastered for Steam?– New single-player campaign, Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, Steam Cloud support and a re-balanced Easy Mode.
  • Construct a Colony?– Design a base for cosmic warfare or interplanetary tourism with military and civilian campaigns.
  • Defend Your Crew?– Protect your colonists from alien life forms with Hovermines, laser turrets and the fearsome Dogbot.
  • Train Specialists?– Select your crew from a cast of 20 unique characters and train them in cybernetics, mining, lasers and more.
  • Explore the Planet?– Increase your wealth and standing with Blackwater Industries by mining minerals and expanding your colony with over 100 different structures.
  • HD Upgrade?– High resolution graphics allow you to view your entire colony on a single screen.

Genre:?Simulation, Strategy
Publisher:?FireFly Studios
Developer:?FireFly Studios

Release Name:?Space.Colony.HD.v2.0.0.5.Multilingual.GOG.Retail-CORE
Size: 667,72 MB; 864,47 MB

Download Win: UPLOADED
Download Mac: UPLOADED

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:Door Kickers v2.2.0.8 Multilingual GOG Retail-CORE http://www.67p.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/door-kickers-v2-2-0-8-multilingual-gog-retail-core/ http://www.wpzal.cn/door-kickers-v2-2-0-8-multilingual-gog-retail-core/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 07:19:16 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=300854 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

Group CORE has released latest version of the game “Door Kickers” for both Windows & MacOSX platforms. Enjoy! ;)

Description: Door Kickers is an innovative realtime strategy game that puts you in charge of a SWAT team and lets you command them during a tactical intervention.
Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and breach points and coordinate multiple troopers to reach the hostage room before the bad guys get to press that trigger.
It may sound daunting, and like real world CQB combat, it sure is. But most levels can be completed in minutes and on the fly improvisation works. Achieving the perfect planning, getting the mission done with no false steps, that’s a skill harder to master.


  • 2D, Top Down for optimal tactical analysis
  • Real Time With Free Pause
  • No turns, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces
  • Realistic but action packed
  • Non-linear levels, freeform gameplay
  • Mission editor and modability
  • Unlimited gameplay via mission generator and level editor
  • Single Player (but MP might come later)

Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: KillHouse Games
Publisher: KillHouse Games

Release Name: Door.Kickers.v2.2.0.8.Multilingual.GOG.Retail-CORE
Size: 618,11 MB; 671,50 MB

Download Win: UPLOADED
Download Mac: UPLOADED

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http://www.wpzal.cn/door-kickers-v2-2-0-8-multilingual-gog-retail-core/feed/ 3
:Crookz The Big Heist v2.1.0.3 Multilingual GOG Retail-CORE http://www.9m6.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/crookz-the-big-heist-v2-1-0-3-multilingual-gog-retail-core/ http://www.wpzal.cn/crookz-the-big-heist-v2-1-0-3-multilingual-gog-retail-core/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 07:07:28 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=300850 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

CORE has released the newest build of “Crookz The Big Heist” for PC and Mac. Enjoy! ;)

Description: It’s the 1970’s: the era of Funk, flared jeans and disco-fueled Saturday nights. A crack team of expert thieves turn Grand Larceny into an art-form by using their many talents to break into the richest homes and steal the finest jewelry – all to finance their hedonistic lifestyles. That is until a lucrative museum heist in Venice involving a famous gem known as ‘Luna Stone’ ends in betrayal and the team broken apart. Five years later the remaining gang members reunite with a plot for revenge against their traitorous former comrade – but naturally, their plan will also make them rich beyond their wildest dreams…

Crookz – The Big Heist is a tactical strategy game set in the funky 1970’s with a slick and groovy atmosphere. Show off the art of thieving by plotting stylish heists and robberies; utilizing espionage and quick-thinking to avoid detection. Implement a successful strategy by assembling and kitting out your team before the job and planning the best way in.

About This Game:

  • Diverse and thrilling?Single player campaign.
  • 18 extensive missions?set in a colorful and stylish 70’s setting.
  • Customize your gang of thieves with up to?six playable characters. The?powerful bruiser?makes a good hatchet man, while the?lockpicker?is responsible for the finishing touches.
  • Kit out your team with all manner of elaborate tools: like?camera jammers,?chloroform?or?explosive charges.
  • Test your skills under tough conditions in?Challenge Mode?by unlocking new heists and competing for theultimate highscore?against other players.
  • Unique gameplay?mixes quick-thinking with in-depth strategy.

Genre:?Simulation, Strategy
Developer:?Skilltree Studios
Publisher:?Kalypso Media Digital

Release Name: Crookz.The.Big.Heist.v2.1.0.3.Multilingual.GOG.Retail-CORE
Size: 3,45 GB; 3,07 GB
Links:?STEAM?|?NFO?| NTi

Download Win: UPLOADED
Download Mac: UPLOADED

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http://www.wpzal.cn/crookz-the-big-heist-v2-1-0-3-multilingual-gog-retail-core/feed/ 2
:Hard West MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://t9w4s8.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/hard-west-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/hard-west-macosx-activated/#comments Wed, 18 Nov 2015 22:40:11 +0000 pz1 http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=300591 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

ACTiVATED with the scene release of HARD WEST for MacOSX, enjoy…

Welcome to the Wild West like you’ve never seen it before. When a tragic turn of events sets one man down a path of supernatural chaos and revenge, he must brutally hunt down all those whom wronged him. Follow Warren on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul, and try to survive in a world full of hard choices and even harder consequences. Because in this world, death is a constant presence and the black pacts which you make with forces beyond human comprehension will forever haunt all those around you.

Fight and survive through 8 unique story-based scenarios, and try your hand at 40 individually designed turn-based combat missions. Journey deeper into the world of Hard West and meet a colorful cast of playable characters whose fates are intimately intertwined with yours. Together you will need to make divisive choices to uncover the ultimate plans of the ancient powers at play, as you unravel a deep narrative storyline featuring multiple endings depending on the choices you make during the game.


  • A Unique “Weird” West World: Explore a world where Western legends meet demons, arcane rituals and satanic cults and where the dead can walk the Earth again. For a price.
  • Compelling Turn-based Combat: Control 1-4 squad members in thrilling turn-based combat encounters and master a range of powerful western-inspired special abilities, from feats of gunslinging to survivability against all odds, to take out your opponents in a series of original tactical maps with unique story-based objectives.
  • Collect and Combine Special Abilities: Obtain new special abilities by collecting and equipping unique cards which are earned throughout the game by completing main- and optional objectives, exploration , bartering, treasure hunting and more. These cards can be combined to create even more powerful combos, and provide additional options in combat.
  • Choice and Fate: Experience a deep story where decisions made during and between combat scenarios will resonate through future events and change the ultimate fates of a divisive group of colorful characters
  • Luck of the Draw: Use a combat system that goes far beyond pure probability by featuring luck as a unique guardian of engaging and challenging combat
  • Dynamic Cover: Change the flow of combat thanks to an extensive cover system which allows for the creation of effective cover from objects in the environment, making flanking and maneuvering during battles a truly powerful tactic
  • Shadow Spotting: Exploit the Blazing western sun to Locate out of sight enemies by the shadows that they cast, along with the sounds they make
  • Ricochets: Utilize Metal objects to allow master gunslingers to shoot beyond the line of sight for increased tactical combat options, and diversified planning
  • 40 Historically Inspired Weapons: Equip and employ an eclectic collection of deadly shotguns, rifles, pistols and sniper rifles, all based upon real outlandish prototypes, designs and ideas from the era

Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Developer: CreativeForge Games
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Release name: Hard.West.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 3.07GB
Links: HomepageSteamiGNGamespotNTiNFO

Download: UPLOADED.net

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:Galak Z MacOSX-ACTiVATED http://www.93q.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/galak-z-macosx-activated/ http://www.wpzal.cn/galak-z-macosx-activated/#comments Sun, 15 Nov 2015 18:09:28 +0000 Blaze http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=300230 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

ACTiVATED group has released this shooter game for Mac

Description: “Galak-Z offers the next-generation of shoot-em-up action, combining modern A.I., physics--driven mechanics and open--world expanse with classic 16--bit space shooter blasting. Players will take control of a variety of a spacecraft inspired by anime of the late 70s and early ’80s, piloted by a cast of characters every bit as colorful as the rainbow-hued explosions erupting all around them. Newtonian physics take center stage as players experience finely-tuned control, blasting enemies, unleashing missile salvos, and tossing enemies into explosive obstacles.

The bar is raised for intense deep-space dogfighting with dynamic and life-like enemies, powered by the next generation Cyntient AI platform. Players will be forced to outmaneuver, outgun and outsmart enemies that think, react and cooperate like seasoned pilots. Both stealth and skill are required to defeat enemy squads in a brutal game of cat and mouse. Prepare for an enemy that comes alive like never before.


  • - Procedurally-assembled levels
  • - Physics based combat simulator!
  • - Advanced enemy A.I for intense dogfights!
  • - Scripted missions and ‘roguelite’ structure
  • - Resource-based, progressive weapons system
  • - Inspired by 70s / 80s anime and arcade shooters

Genre: Shooter
Developer: 17-BIT
Publisher: 17-BIT
Release Name: Galak.Z.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 984.79 MB
Single Link: 河南快3怎么样

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