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P2P group has released an updated version of “Office 2016 Permanent Activator Ultimate”.

Description: Office 2016 Permanent Ultimate Activator is a program that finder for mak and retail key in different servers for Office 2016 all types of publications. The Keys are automatically updated daily. This software is one of the best for Office 2016 Activators with daily mak and retail key updates. Its a best program in order to permanently activate your office 2016. In addition to it its easy to use and does not require experience to bring the activation keys to use when trying to activate the program.


  • Mak and retial Keys Finder for office 2016 all editions
  • Web Activation (MS Online `Permanent Activation` Application Alternative To Skype Call.)
  • Semi-automatic Skype activation for office 2016 all editions (Permanent activation via phone)
  • Uninstall Product Key
  • Make Installation ID
  • Updated Skype Account
  • KMS Activation
  • Updated Skype Account periodically
  • Now you can also add keys manually(If you have a key and want to activate through this program you can add it manually to the program)

Release Names: Office.2016.Permanent.Activator.Ultimate.v1.6-P2P
Size: 41.7 MB
Links: NFONTi


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:Free 300 GB Downloads! http://988848.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/free-download.php Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:37:59 +0000 RLSLOG http://www.wpzal.cn/free-download.php Free 300 GB Downloads! Movies, games, music for free! Usenet is an independent network of over 10,000 servers worldwide. For over 30 years, Usenet has been the most popular place for the exchange of information and files. Download more than 300 GB for free NOW!

Usenet.nl offers a completely FREE 300 GB trial, to try their service.

:SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now! v3.2 Multilingual-P2P http://t09p33.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/softorbits-remove-logo-now-v3-2-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/softorbits-remove-logo-now-v3-2-multilingual-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:37:59 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=355020 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released the updated version of “Remove Logo Now!”.

Description: Remove Logo Now! is a Windows tool to clean up video clips from annoying watermarks, text overlays and channel logos. Remove Logo Now! will automatically process your videos to detect and remove many types of watermark.

The video watermark remover will successfully clean up your videos from the following types of watermarks:

  • Static overlays such as channel logos
  • Transparent watermarks
  • Embedded subtitles
  • Time and date overlays

Remove Logo Now! features a unique artificial intelligence algorithm. The smart fill algorithm analyzes adjacent frames to patch frame overlays leaving no visible residues.

Release Name: SoftOrbits.Remove.Logo.Now!.v3.2.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 11.7 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


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http://www.wpzal.cn/softorbits-remove-logo-now-v3-2-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 3
:Capture One Pro v11.0.0.266 (x64) Multilingual + v11.0.0.282 Multilingual macOS-P2P http://88141y.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/capture-one-pro-v11-0-0-266-x64-multilingual-v11-0-0-282-multilingual-macos-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/capture-one-pro-v11-0-0-266-x64-multilingual-v11-0-0-282-multilingual-macos-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:28:43 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=355016 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released an updated version of “Capture One Pro”.

Description: Designed with the world’s most demanding photographers, Capture One is the professionals’ choice in imaging software. The standout choice in image editing software!


  • All About Color
  • Asset Management
  • Full Control
  • Workflow and Performance
  • High Performance Engine
  • Three Step Sharpening
  • Output Proofing
  • Camera Focus Tool
  • Tangent Panel Support
  • Supercharged LCC creation
  • Folder Merging In Catalogs
  • Filter By Orientation
  • Auto Mask for All
  • Improved sRAW and mRAW Support

Release Name: Capture.One.Pro.v11.0.0.266.x64.Multilingual.+.v11.0.0.282.Multilingual.macOS-P2P
Size: 148.2 MB / 322.0 MB


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http://www.wpzal.cn/capture-one-pro-v11-0-0-266-x64-multilingual-v11-0-0-282-multilingual-macos-p2p/feed/ 2
:MAGIX VEGAS Pro v15.0.0.261 (x64) Multilingual-P2P http://www.z12.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/magix-vegas-pro-v15-0-0-261-x64-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/magix-vegas-pro-v15-0-0-261-x64-multilingual-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:21:28 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=355014 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released the updated version of “MAGIX Vegas Pro”.

Description:?VEGAS Pro has always been an innovator. Version 15 carries on this legacy and delivers a completely customizable interface that provides ultimate flexibility. Filled with new features, both inside and out, VEGAS Pro powers your creativity. Whether you work in HD or 4K, VEGAS Pro stands ready to be your creative partner. Video/Audio production and DVD/Blu-ray disc authoring all in one powerful package.


  • A better way to edit, author, and deliver
  • Work fast. Deliver faster.
  • Work like never before with creative interaction
  • Enhance your project with NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate ($299 value)
  • DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc authoring

Release Names: MAGIX.VEGAS.Pro.v15.0.0.261.x64.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 537.9 MB


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http://www.wpzal.cn/magix-vegas-pro-v15-0-0-261-x64-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 3
:Aurora HDR 2018 v1.1.1.941 (x64)-P2P http://www.8vp.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/aurora-hdr-2018-v1-1-1-941-x64-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/aurora-hdr-2018-v1-1-1-941-x64-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:11:37 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=355003 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released an updated version of “Aurora HDR”.

Description: The most advanced and complete high dynamic range photo editor ever created is coming soon to a PC near you. We’ve listened intently, and developed new Aurora HDR 2018 — a tool that will deliver an unrivaled HDR excellence whether your style is realistic or ultra-creative.

What’s New in Aurora HDR 2018:

  • Quick video overview
  • Next-generation tone mapping
  • Lens correction tool
  • Transform tool
  • HDR Enhancer 200% speed increase
  • Dodge & Burn tool
  • Re-imagined user experience
  • New structure algorithm
  • History panel 10+ more improvements

Get the power to make anything you like.
HDR photography is different. But you need nothing more than Aurora HDR 2018 to make the photos that fit your style and depict your creative vision. Instantly achieve beautiful natural HDR photos or take it to the limit with powerful tools.

Release Name: Aurora.HDR.2018.v1.1.1.941.x64-P2P
Size: 224.6 MB


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:WinZip Pro v22.0 Build 12684 (x86/x64)-P2P + (x64) Portable http://2j1939.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/winzip-pro-v22-0-build-12684-x86x64-p2p-x64-portable/ http://www.wpzal.cn/winzip-pro-v22-0-build-12684-x86x64-p2p-x64-portable/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 20:47:28 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=355000 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released the updated version of “WinZip Pro”.

Description: WinZip 21 is the world’s most popular Windows Zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup. No other file compression utility is as easy to use or offers such a comprehensive and innovative feature set to help you save time, conserve space, and improve productivity. Moreover, you can instantly compress files to conserve storage space, send swifter emails, and decrease file upload/download times. Zip documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, you name it! You can quickly zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times.

In addition, WinZip offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data, the ability to bundle files into convenient, compressed packages, and an automated data backup facility to prevent data loss.
WinZip even supports photo and image compression. Now you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity. This lets you send pictures faster and fit more on your flash drive, CD/DVD, or hard disk.

Release Name: WinZip.Pro.v22.0.Build.12684.x86.x64-P2P+x64.Portable
Size: 42.6 MB / 46.4 MB / 49.8 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


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http://www.wpzal.cn/winzip-pro-v22-0-build-12684-x86x64-p2p-x64-portable/feed/ 4
:Microsoft Toolkit Collection Pack November 2017-P2P http://9dvua6.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-toolkit-collection-pack-november-2017-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-toolkit-collection-pack-november-2017-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 20:47:08 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354998 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released the newest collection pack of?Microsoft Toolkit. Enjoy! ;)

Description:?This is a set of tools and functions for managing licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office and Windows. All output from these functions is displayed in the Information Console. All functions are run in the background and the GUI is disabled to prevent running multiple functions, as they could conflict or cause damage if run concurrently. The Microsoft Office Setup Customization Functions (Customize Setup Tab), AutoKMS Uninstaller (if AutoKMS is installed), AutoRearm Uninstaller (if AutoRearm is installed), Office Uninstaller and Product Key Checker work even if Microsoft Office or Windows is not installed/supported. For information about individual functions, read further.

This Pack Contains:

  • HEU KMS Activator 10.0.0
  • KMSAuto Lite 1.3.4
  • Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate v2.4
  • KMSAuto Net 2016 1.5.3
  • KMSpico 10.2.0 Final
  • KMSpico 10.2.0 Portable
  • Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.3 Final
  • MSActBackUp 1.2.0 Portable
  • Office 2013 KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 1.5
  • Office 2013 KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 1.5 Portable
  • PIDKey Portable
  • PIDKey Lite v1.58 Portable
  • Re-Loader Activator 2.6 Final
  • Re-Loader Activator 3.0 beta 2
  • Windows KMS Activator by AR_Alex 3.1.0
  • Windows 10 KMS Activator Ultimate 2016 v1.6
  • Windows 10 KMS Activator Ultimate 2016 v1.6 Portable
  • Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 v3.0
  • Windows Loader 2.2.2 By DAZ + WAT Fix
  • Office 2016 Permanent Activator Ultimate v1.4
  • KMS Tools 16.11.2017
  • Windows 10 Pro Permanent Activator v1.2
  • Windows 10 Pro Permanent Activator v1.2 Portable
  • AAct v3.8.2
  • Office 2013-2016 C2R Install Lite v5.9.9
  • Office 2013-2016 C2R Install v5.9.9
  • KMS Server v1.2.4
  • KMS Server Service v2.0.3
  • Garbage Collector v1.3.4
  • Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2017 v3.7
  • Ra1n Act1vat0r 1.0 RC 8
  • Office 2013-2016 C2R License Setup v1.03

Release Name: Microsoft.Toolkit.Collection.Pack.November.2017-P2P
Size: 473.0 MB


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http://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-toolkit-collection-pack-november-2017-p2p/feed/ 3
:O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v12.0 Build 118 (x86/x64)-P2P + Portable http://www.8w2.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/oo-diskimage-professional-edition-v12-0-build-118-x86x64-p2p-portable/ http://www.wpzal.cn/oo-diskimage-professional-edition-v12-0-build-118-x86x64-p2p-portable/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 20:16:40 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354979 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2P group has released an updated version of “O&O DiskImage Professional Edition”.

Description: O&O DiskImage 12 lets you back up an entire computer or single files whenever you want – even while the computer is being used. In the event you should lose your personal data it can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows is no longer able to start. It also supports SSD drives and the latest UEFI System.

O&O DiskImage lets you carry out a system restore and to duplicate or clone an entire PC or hard drive. You can even restore this backup onto a computer whose hardware is different from the original machine, for instance, where you have changed a motherboard on the target machine or have bought a brand new PC and want to restore an old backup onto it.


  • Backup an entire computer with the push of a button
  • Backup system and hard drives, clone drives and entire disks
  • Brand new file-based backup: now twice as fast as ever before – backup and restore individual files and/or folders
  • Direct creation of VHDs
  • Monitoring and warning of security risks
  • Incremental/differential backup: back up only the changes
  • Easily restore files, folders, drives and disks
  • System restore onto different hardware (M.I.R.)
  • Create a Windows Boot system directly from within the program with driver integration
  • Plug-and-play: Selected files and folders are automatically backed up and synchronized
  • High contrast mode support: improved support for high contrast mode so that objects on the monitor can be recognized more easily
  • Variable pixel density settings: adjusts to the selected DPI setting of the connected monitor
  • New and enhanced functions Control via Command Lines
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista

elease Name: O&O.DiskImage.Professional.Edition.v12.0.Build.118.x86.x64-P2P+Portable
Size: 49.8 MB / 57.4 MB / 77.7 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


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http://www.wpzal.cn/oo-diskimage-professional-edition-v12-0-build-118-x86x64-p2p-portable/feed/ 5
:Microsoft Windows 8.1 AIO (x86x64) November 2017 Multilingual Full Activated-P2P http://x8248e.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-windows-8-1-aio-x86x64-november-2017-multilingual-full-activated-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-windows-8-1-aio-x86x64-november-2017-multilingual-full-activated-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 08:33:48 +0000 Silva http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354962 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

P2p group has released the newest build of “Microsoft Windows 8.1 AIO” for windows. Enjoy

Description: Windows 8.1 evolved version 8, which was released in 2013. The windows of the main changes can be noted that due to lack of user acceptance of the User Interface in Windows 8’s Metro user interface placed on the sidelines after directly to the page Windows startup Desktop directed.

Installation Indexes:

  • Windows 8.1 Pro x32
  • Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  • Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x32
  • Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x64
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise x32
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64
  • Release Names:?Microsoft.Windows.8.1.AIO.x86/x64.November.2017.Multilingual.Full.Activated-P2P
    Size: 6.35GB


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    http://www.wpzal.cn/microsoft-windows-8-1-aio-x86x64-november-2017-multilingual-full-activated-p2p/feed/ 3
    :SoftMaker FlexiPDF 2017 Professional v1.08 Multilingual-P2P /932/488/http://www.wpzal.cn/softmaker-flexipdf-2017-professional-v1-08-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/softmaker-flexipdf-2017-professional-v1-08-multilingual-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 07:41:35 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354958 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released the updated Professional version of SoftMakers’s product “FlexiPDF 2017″.

    Description:?Edit PDF files as easily as with a word processor. With FlexiPDF, creating, editing and commenting in PDF files is just as quick and easy as exporting them for further editing in TextMaker or Microsoft Word. FlexiPDF always delivers excellent results—whether you insert or edit text and images, rearrange the layout or reorder the pages of a PDF file. FlexiPDF converts your PDF files into text documents that you can edit with TextMaker and Microsoft Word. FlexiPDF Professional also uses OCR to convert scanned pages into editable and searchable PDF files. FlexiPDF is the indispensable tool for anyone who works with PDFs.


    • Integrated printer driver for creating PDFs from inside all Windows applications
    • Edit text across paragraphs and pages, like in a word processor
    • Insert, move, delete pages; insert pages from other PDF files
    • Insert, move, delete pictures and drawings
    • Built-in multi-language spell checker and automatic hyphenation
    • Insert comments, drawings, stamps
    • Export PDF files for editing in TextMaker or Microsoft Word
    • Export to HTML and picture formats such as JPEG, TIFF and PNG
    • Convert PDF files to the e-book format ePUB
    • Fill interactive and static forms
    • Search and replace text and fonts
    • Search and replace hyperlinks
    • Search and replace across files
    • Create photo albums using simple drag & drop
    • Page numbering, headers and footers, watermarks
    • Export text for translation with CAT software such as Trados or memoQ
    • OCR feature for converting scanned pages to editable and searchable PDF files
    • Redact confidential content
    • Protect PDF files with secure AES encryption

    Release Name: SoftMaker.FlexiPDF.2017.Professional.v1.08.Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 146.9 MB


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    http://www.wpzal.cn/softmaker-flexipdf-2017-professional-v1-08-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 5
    :RarmaRadio Pro v2.71.5 Multilingual-P2P /45/649/http://www.wpzal.cn/rarmaradio-pro-v2-71-5-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/rarmaradio-pro-v2-71-5-multilingual-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 06:21:10 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354956 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “RarmaRadio Pro”.

    Description: RaimaRadio allows you to listen to and record radio stations from around the world. While listening to your favorite radio stationyou can record it anytime you want. Browse through the radio stations or just select a random station and enjoy Internet radio! You have total control over your radio stations allowing you to add or delete a station anytime you want. Need to play a station from another applicaton then just enable global hotkeys and control it anytime. With RarmaRadio you can receive and record thousands of radio stations available on the Internet.


    • Listen to and record multiple stations simultaneously
    • Create a schedule for automatic recording
    • Show cover art and lyrics for each song
    • Save tag information to music files
    • Ability to add more stations
    • Add or update stations in the online database
    • Store your favorites online
    • Play random station
    • TV support
    • Language support.

    Release Name: RarmaRadio.Pro.v2.71.5.Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 12.5 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi


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    http://www.wpzal.cn/rarmaradio-pro-v2-71-5-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 4
    :TapinRadio Pro v2.08.4 Multilingual-P2P /164/580/http://www.wpzal.cn/tapinradio-pro-v2-08-4-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/tapinradio-pro-v2-08-4-multilingual-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 06:18:17 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354953 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “TapinRadio”.

    Description: TapinRadio Pro is simple, fairly reliable and works most of the time. Plenty of stations to choose from and continuously updated. Supports most of the internet radio formats – mp3, wma, ogg, aac. Quick search. Graphic Equalizer. Scheduled recordings. Record what you are listening to – as separate tracks or continuously. Automatic checking for software and station listing (only if configured in settings). Show your favorites in groups. Alarm feature. Sleep timer to shutdown TapinRadio or even your computer!


    • Plenty of stations to choose from
    • Supports most of the internet radio formats – mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, aac+ and so on
    • Quick and reliable search
    • Smooth switching between stations
    • Record what you are listening to – including separate song files
    • Automatic checking for software and radio stations updates
    • Show your favorites in groups

    Release Name: TapinRadio.Pro.v2.08.4.Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 29.6 MB
    Links:?Homepage –?NFO?– NTi


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    http://www.wpzal.cn/tapinradio-pro-v2-08-4-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 5
    :IDM UltraEdit v24.20.0.51 (x86/x64)-P2P http://490511.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/idm-ultraedit-v24-20-0-51-x86x64-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/idm-ultraedit-v24-20-0-51-x86x64-p2p/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 06:11:12 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354948 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released the updated version of “IDM UltraEdit”.

    Description:?IDM UltraEdit is used across a diverse range of industries, from professional writers, researchers and journalists to advanced programmers, database managers and web developers. Scores of individuals use UltraEdit as a powerful replacement for windows notepad and even more use it as a text editor because of its ability to handle multiple documents at once, large file handling, powerful search/find/replace functionality, spell checking versatility and much more. Replacing Notepad or looking for a powerful text editor? UltraEdit is what you’re looking for. UltraEdit is the ideal text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, javascript, Perl, and Programmer’s editor. It’s versatile and easy to use. UltraEdit is specially designed for inputting and editing text and code, UltraEdit supports configurable syntax highlighting and code structuring for most any programming languages.


    • Code Folding
    • Supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 and later)
    • Unicode support
    • Disk based text editing and large file handling – supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
    • Mulitline find and replace dialogs for all searches (Find, Replace, Find in Files, Replace in Files)
    • 100,000 word spell checker, with foreign languages support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
    • Syntax highlighting – configurable, pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
    • FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2)
    • SSH/Telnet window
    • Project / workspace support
    • Environment Selector – Provides predefined or user-created editing “environments” that remember the state of all of UltraEdit’s dockable windows, toolbars and more for user convenience.
    • Integrated scripting language to automate tasks
    • Configurable keyboard mapping
    • Column / block mode editing
    • Hexadecimal editor allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
    • Named templates
    • HTML toolbar preconfigured for popular HTML function

    Release Names: IDM.UltraEdit.v24.20.0.51.x86.x64-P2P
    Size: 74.6 MB / 82.4 MB


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    http://www.wpzal.cn/idm-ultraedit-v24-20-0-51-x86x64-p2p/feed/ 4
    :Syncovery Pro Enterprise v7.94 Build 570 (x86/x64)-P2P + Portable http://5x0vs8.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/syncovery-pro-enterprise-v7-94-build-570-x86x64-p2p-portable/ http://www.wpzal.cn/syncovery-pro-enterprise-v7-94-build-570-x86x64-p2p-portable/#comments Wed, 29 Nov 2017 19:04:27 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354893 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an newest build of “Syncovery Pro Enterprise” for Windows. It also include Portable version.

    Description: Syncovery – file synchronization and backup software! Your sync and back-up solution is here – now in all-new version 7! Syncovery will copy your files the way you need it. Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space. Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space. You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. Syncovery works with local hard drives, network drives and any other mounted volumes. In addition, it comes with support for FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and Google Docs. You can use ZIP compression and data encryption. On Windows, the scheduler can run as a service – without users having to log on. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Exact Mirror, and SmartTracking.


    • Online Backup
    • Block Level Copying
    • Real-Time Sync
    • File Synchronization
    • Profile Groups

    Release Names: Syncovery.Pro.Enterprise.v7.94.Build.570.x86.x64-P2P+Portable
    Size: 49.6 MB / 55.8 MB


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/syncovery-pro-enterprise-v7-94-build-570-x86x64-p2p-portable/feed/ 4
    :Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v2018.009.20050 Multilingual-P2P + Portable + MacOSX http://www.60o.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/adobe-acrobat-pro-dc-v2018-009-20050-multilingual-p2p-portable-macosx/ http://www.wpzal.cn/adobe-acrobat-pro-dc-v2018-009-20050-multilingual-p2p-portable-macosx/#comments Wed, 29 Nov 2017 18:20:13 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354891 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released the updated version of “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC”.

    Description:?All-new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with Adobe Document Cloud services is here. Completely reimagined PDF tools let you create, edit, sign, and track PDFs from anywhere. It will change the way you work with design layouts, press-ready files, and all your important documents forever.


    • Access powerful print production and digital publishing tools
    • Work anywhere
    • Take your files with you
    • Edit anything
    • Make last-minute changes
    • Replace ink signatures
    • Protect important documents
    • Eliminate overnight envelopes

    Release Name: Adobe.Acrobat.Pro.DC.v2018.009.20050.Multilingual-P2P+Portable+MacOSX
    Size: 802.8 MB / 1.1 GB / 868.7 MB


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/adobe-acrobat-pro-dc-v2018-009-20050-multilingual-p2p-portable-macosx/feed/ 4
    :Red Giant Trapcode Suite v14.0.3 (x64)-P2P http://www.669.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/red-giant-trapcode-suite-v14-0-3-x64-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/red-giant-trapcode-suite-v14-0-3-x64-p2p/#comments Wed, 29 Nov 2017 05:33:38 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354866 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released the updated version of “Red Giant Trapcode Suite”.

    Description:?Trapcode Suite 14 – The industry-standard package for motion graphics in After Effects. Red Giant Trapcode Suite is a set of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects.


    • Organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more
    • Immortal Particle Grids and 3D Objects (New!)
    • 3D geometries animated along a path
    • 3D Surfaces, Terrains and Wireframes in After Effects
    • Ultra-fast, 3D light ray effects
    • After Effects Lights Made Visible
    • Organic 3D Shapes and Lines from your masks
    • Instantly clone and offset animated layers
    • Stylized glints and glows for motion graphics and text
    • Instant Audio-driven Motion Graphics in After Effects
    • Infinite Backgrounds for After Effects 3D

    Release Name: Red.Giant.Trapcode.Suite.v14.0.3.x64-P2P
    Size: 719.9 MB


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/red-giant-trapcode-suite-v14-0-3-x64-p2p/feed/ 4
    :Mindjet MindManager 2018 v18.1.154 (x86/x64) Multilingual-P2P http://www.46g.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/mindjet-mindmanager-2018-v18-1-154-x86x64-multilingual-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/mindjet-mindmanager-2018-v18-1-154-x86x64-multilingual-p2p/#comments Wed, 29 Nov 2017 05:28:26 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354847 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Mindjet MindManager 2018″ for Windows.

    Description: The all-new MindManager 2017 is here and it’s now the most integrated mapping solution in the world. With new universal file export, you can now share your MindManager content with anyone on any platform, exporting your best ideas, plans and notes to 700+ web apps.

    Create and share dynamic information maps, mind maps, process flow diagrams, concept maps, project dashboards, and now interactive timelines. Or, turn your maps into interactive dashboards and receive updates when changes are made in any of the 700+ integrated apps. With new project planning tools, project timelines, workflow diagram improvements, and more new features and user interface enhancements, MindManager 2017 for Windows is a major release you won’t want to miss.


    • More Powerful Sharing
    • Powerful Integrations
    • More Dynamic Layouts
    • Better Project Planning & Management
    • More Visual
    • More Convenient
    • More Efficient

    Release Names: Mindjet.MindManager.2018.v18.1.154×86.x64.Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 178.5 MB / 177.9 MB


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/mindjet-mindmanager-2018-v18-1-154-x86x64-multilingual-p2p/feed/ 5
    :Sony Catalyst Production Suite v2017.3 (x64)-P2P http://www.175.wpzal.cnhttp://www.wpzal.cn/sony-catalyst-production-suite-v2017-3-x64-p2p/ http://www.wpzal.cn/sony-catalyst-production-suite-v2017-3-x64-p2p/#comments Tue, 28 Nov 2017 23:05:43 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354845 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Sony Catalyst Production Suite”.

    Description: The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions. Catalyst Prepare paves your path from camera to post with robust organizational tools, precise first-pass color correction and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and more. Catalyst Edit provides a lean, focused video editing environment that makes your cutting process fast and fluent. With support for 4K, Sony RAW, and HD media, the Catalyst Production Suite gives you the power to make the most of your camera’s high dynamic range and wide color gamut as well as the stunning resolution of 4K from beginning to end.


    • View your media directly from a camera, deck, or card reader
    • Make a full-volume backup
    • Organize clips into bins
    • Batch copy clips
    • Batch transcode clips
    • Make color adjustments and apply looks
    • Set in/out points
    • Establish multichannel audio assignments
    • Batch upload clips to the cloud via Sony Media Cloud Services Ci
    • Cut together a rough edit with the storyboard feature

    Release Name: Sony.Catalyst.Production.Suite.v2017.3.x64-P2P
    Size: 467.8 MB
    Links: HomepageNFONTi


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/sony-catalyst-production-suite-v2017-3-x64-p2p/feed/ 4
    :Luminar 2018 v1.0.2.1064 (x64)-P2P + Portable /352/356/http://www.wpzal.cn/luminar-2018-v1-0-2-1064-x64-p2p-portable/ http://www.wpzal.cn/luminar-2018-v1-0-2-1064-x64-p2p-portable/#comments Tue, 28 Nov 2017 23:01:11 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354844 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released an updated version of “Luminar 2018″.

    Description: Everything you need to make perfect photos in less time.From vintage to black and white, from instant sky enhancement to magnificent dreamy looks, these photo filters in Luminar will help you make beautiful photos in no time. The best part – you don’t need to spend time on complex learning. Simply pick the filters and adjust the easy-to-use sliders. Great photography is easy and fun with Luminar.


    • Innovative Adaptive User Interface
    • Filters, Presets and Workspaces
    • Easy sky replacement
    • Native RAW processing is only a small part

    Release Names: Luminar.2018.v1.0.2.1064.x64-P2P+Portable
    Size: 277.0 MB / 198.7 MB


    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/luminar-2018-v1-0-2-1064-x64-p2p-portable/feed/ 3
    :Iperius Backup Full v5.4.0 Multilingual-P2P + Portable /753/635/http://www.wpzal.cn/iperius-backup-full-v5-4-0-multilingual-p2p-portable/ http://www.wpzal.cn/iperius-backup-full-v5-4-0-multilingual-p2p-portable/#comments Tue, 28 Nov 2017 22:46:28 +0000 TheInsertus http://www.wpzal.cn/?p=354838 This article has been published at 河南快3怎么样 - visit our site for full content.

    P2P group has released the updated version of “Iperius Backup Full”.

    Description: Iperius Backup is the perfect software to get the advantages of the many cloud storage services offered by well-known providers like Google or Microsoft. With a single application you will be able to easily save your files offsite to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive. This backup task can be configured with a few clicks, and the result of this is the full security of automatic online backups, compressed and protected by an AES 256-bit encryption.

    Iperius Backup uses the most advanced Windows drive imaging technology, that allows to copy the whole operating system with a fast and incremental backup (block-level backup). Iperius Backup can create full disk images, allowing to recover a server system in minutes (bare-metal restore). You can also restore individual files, mount the VHD image file, and restore the system to a dissimilar hardware (hardware independent restore).

    Iperius Backup is an advanced and affordable tape backup software for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. Iperius is one of the best tape backup software: extremely easy and quick to setup, reliable, fast, and with flexible recovery features. Iperius Backup supports any tape drive, starting from the common HP DAT 72 USB or SCSI, to AIT, DLT and SDLT, and up to the powerful and high-capacity LTO 5 and LTO 6 devices, that allows to back up several terabytes.

    Iperius Backup is an advanced software for FTP backup on any type of server or NAS. Iperius can send backups to a remote server with a few simple configurations, with the secure FTPS protocol and also with zip compression and AES 256 bit encryption. Iperius can perform automated upload of entire websites, limit the transfer bandwidth, make parallel transfers to multiple servers and help system administrators to build a centralized backup strategy for clients.

    Iperius Backup can synchronize an unlimited number of files and folders from your computer to external hard drives or to network devices (like NAS servers). You can copy files and folders to an unlimited number of destinations and keep mirror copies deleting those files no more existing in the source folders. This allows to save space on your backup device and to always have a perfectly synchronized backup.

    Release Names: Iperius.Backup.Full.v5.4.0.Multilingual-P2P+Portable
    Size: 45.4 MB / 45.7 MB

    Download Portable: SUPRAFILES河南快3怎么样

    more at 河南快3怎么样

    http://www.wpzal.cn/iperius-backup-full-v5-4-0-multilingual-p2p-portable/feed/ 4
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